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UK Public Sector Jobs on the Rise

Unemployment rates will rise to the hundreds of thousands a month, predicts David Blanchflower, official of the Bank of England. He is the same fellow who correctly predicted the current economic recession, so it is prudent to listen to his opinions. At the same time, BBC News has made a survey of recruitment agencies which indicates that the UK jobs market is “starting to show signs of recovery.” Which prediction is true? Perhaps both.

At a rate of 7.8%, according to the BBC, the jobless rate in the UK is not as severe as that found in other countries; some states in America have approached 12% unemployment. Jobless figures show that the unemployed in Britain has risen to the highest rate since 1995. The fact that many companies in the UK are not hiring new employees can be seen as adding to the rising unemployment, as young people entering the jobs market are unable to find employment. The upcoming elections hold a sword of Damocles over the heads of British workers, especially those in public sector jobs. It is unclear just how much could be cut from the public sector, but the very real possibility of massive layoffs there would have a devastating effect on employees in public sector jobs, as well as the provision of public services.

Nevertheless, a quick study of public sector industries with jobs available reveals that the economic bad news has not deterred companies from hiring, especially in the fields of health, housing, environment, and financial. Many of these jobs are seen as crucial to the comfort and safety of British populace; these are jobs that need to be filled.

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